Virtual Events Workshop

Higher education has seen an outpour of online opportunities over the past year. From virtual conferences to online staff training weeks, many institutions have moved their activities to the online space. The time to think strategically is now. 

While physical events will be resuming in the hopefully-near future, this is your time to incorporate virtual events into your broader communications approach. Virtual events are a powerful tool to build engagement across the globe.

In this three-week course, you will learn how to plan, implement and evaluate your virtual event in higher education. The workshop is designed for those who would like to improve their existing virtual events, as well as for first-time organisers.   



Duration:  three weeks

  • Weekly live workshop sessions on Wednesday afternoon, covering content
  • Weekly one-hour team meet-up
  • Flexible preparation time that you can tailor to the needs of your role and institution

Format: A real-time cohort
You are not alone. Learning will take place in a real-time cohort with fellow international colleagues.

Commitment: Work on planning or improving your own virtual event.

let’s learn together

Do you want to level-up your global partnerships?

It’s time to use your virtual events strategically.

Maintaining and strengthening your international relationships is hard work. It requires a continuous effort. As such, it is time to use your virtual events strategically. 

This is your time to incorporate virtual events into your broader communications approach. Virtual events are a powerful tool to build engagement across the globe.

They are your opportunity to organise a get-together of your European Universities consortium, to offer a Global Partnership’s Conference or providing an International Staff Training Week. 

Get the essentials right.

Organising a professional virtual event requires a wide range of knowledge, skills and competences. In this workshop, you will be identifying what is needed to organise and improve your virtual partnership event. 

It does not mean that you need to be able to handle each aspect of organising a virtual event. The important part is committing to the journey of identifying what is needed. Your facilitators and fellow international colleagues will help you do just that. 

Our Promise

By spending a few hours per week on this workshop, you will find profitable and powerful ways to create and improve your virtual partnership event.  

It will provide you with better ways to strengthen your relationships with partner universities across the globe. Moreover, it will give you lifelong lessons for keeping up your virtual event toolbox in the future. 

Along the way, you will meet other event organisers, find support and insights, and discover the core principles of what it means to be delivering virtual events.

Our workshop methodology is bigger than sending information your way. Its power lies in the connection with others who are on the journey with you.

You cannot fail the course

But you do have to show up.

The workshop is only effective because you will actively make it so. Every week you will check in with your weekly team on the platform and discuss what insights you gained from doing the assignment with your colleagues. 


Learning Outcomes


Demonstrate understanding of what is needed to organise a professional virtual event

Organising a professional virtual partnership event requires a wide range of knowledge, skills and competences. You will be identifying what is needed to stand out in the crowd.


Demonstrate an active use of acronyms and technical terms

Simulive, on-demand, broadcasting and break-out rooms, do you feel overwhelmed by the acronyms and technical terms in virtual event production? Next time, you will be the one describing these concepts over coffee. 


Prove that you have moved away from the webinar mentality

This workshop will challenge you to broaden your horizon with more than just a webinar mentality. What else can you organise in the virtual space? How do you keep your audience engaged?


Distinguish the difference in event production in the online and offline space

In the past two years, many events have moved from physical on-location events into the online space, often using the same format. However, event production requires more than copying an existing on-location event to the same virtual format.  


Determine and implement the priorities of the next actionable steps in organising your virtual event

Over the course of three weeks, you will find yourself working on concrete and actionable steps to move forward with your event production. 


Understand the wide range of videoconferencing software and interactive tools

Each video conferencing software and interactive presentation tool offers you different possibilities and limitations. You will come to understand why you would go for Zoom or GoToMeeting, for Mentimeter or Padlet.


Analyse and visualise the workflow and timeline

Visualising your workflow and timeline is an important step forward in professionalising your event. What does your time schedule and workflow look like? What can you do to level-up your event?


Make use of the international network of colleagues provided by the course

Together with fellow organisers, you will explore the landscape of digital opportunities. What experiences do they have? Which best practices do you have to share? Take a peek in each other’s kitchens in a safe and encouraging environment.

 What’s covered?

Week 1: Designing Your Format 

  • Start with why: Why do you wish to organise your virtual event? What do you wish to accomplish?
  • Designing the format for your virtual event. Who are your participants? What do you take into consideration in planning your event?

Week 2: Online Facilitation & Roles 

  • An online event is nothing without a set of great facilitators and a clear structure of roles.
  • Which roles do you have for your virtual event? How do you make sure that the right person has the right skills?

Week 3: Choosing Your Platforms 

  • We will dive into the abundance of video conferencing software and interactive presentation tools
  • What is it that you need? Which level of interaction do you wish to have with your participants?

Workshop facilitators

Evelien Renders facilitates international collaboration in higher education at SURF, the cooperative organisation for IT in Dutch education and research. Complex processes, manageable data, and interoperability between systems make her happy.


Craft a digital event that serves you & your audience

This workshop provides you with a safe space to uncover and professionalise your virtual event. It will focus on the key elements of virtual event production and let you explore the practices from within your own institution.

Especially in times of working-from-home, it is important to be connected. This course offers creating global connections, improving your processes and enjoying the journey along the way. Getting the structure and basic understanding right will pay off for years.

There is no need to do this alone. In this workshop, you will find international colleagues who are eager to connect with you, spar with you and give you feedback on how you can level up.

Who can attend?

This workshop is tailored to those organising virtual partnership events in higher education, whether it is a Global Partnership’s Conference, a get-together of your European Universities consortium, or providing an International Staff Training Week. Anyone directly involved in organising virtual events is welcome: From those who’d like to level-up their virtual event, to those who are first-time organisers.  

If you are unsure this workshop is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us on


The workshop pricing is offered in three pricing tiers (€335 – €435 – €535 per participant), based on your country. This way, we would like to acknowledge differences in financial value across the globe. If you are interested, you can read more about our pricing structure in the FAQ. The listed prices are shown excluding VAT.

  • Group 1 – €535
    Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United States of America, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, New-Zealand, and Norway
  • Group 2 – €435
    Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta and Portugal
  • Group 3 –  €335
    Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey

Does this list not include your country? No worries – just let us know. We welcome participants from any other country than those listed above. In requesting your non-binding quote, you will find out which pricing tier your country belongs to.


A handful of scholarships are reserved for colleagues of institutions who are unable to afford the workshop fee. If you would like to be considered for a full scholarship covering the participant fee, please e-mail us at with your application. You will want to include details about your role within your organisation, the institution’s website and more information on what role virtual events may play in your future.

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